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ChildSafe1: Gun Trigger Block w/Dual Alarm

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If you’re a gun owner, you’ve likely thought about how to make sure to minimize the threat that these guns pose if they fall into the wrong hands. It is up to us as a gun-owning individual to take necessary precautions to make guns as safe as possible when storing them at home. There are a few common ways to lower your risk of firearm-related accidents, such as unloading your gun when it is not in use. However, techniques like this can only get you so far. In the wrong hands, a gun can be turned against you or your loved ones, whether by accident or by malicious intent. To avoid this, it is often a wise choice to purchase devices to render our guns unreachable or unusable while they are not in use. Currently on the market are many different products designed to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands or discharging accidentally, but they are mostly outdated or simply do not work. Luckily, an innovative gun alarm offers a great solution to this problem.

A gun alarm system will keep your gun from being stolen or falling into the wrong hands, while at the same time keeping you and your loved ones safe. These products have the capability to scare off thieves by sounding an alarm and alerting the owner that the weapon is in the wrong hands. A good alarm system is motion-sensing, with a secondary feature that triggers if somebody attempts to remove the device from the gun. The Insyte gun alarm features a battery which has a life which can extend up to a full year. A perfect fit for most firearms, gun alarms are very versatile, eliminating the need for specialty locks and gun safes. An alarm is perfect for preventing children from getting a hold of guns and causing harmful accidents. Tragedies like this are sadly common when specific precautions are not taken to avoid them. In order to practice responsible gun ownership and stay safe, consider purchasing a gun alarm for your firearms at home.

ChildSafe1 is the world’s most advanced method of stopping a child from pulling a gun’s trigger while also making the gun ready to fire almost immediately. The patented trigger block uses a “childproof medicine bottlecap” approach, coupled with a loud alarm to frighten children and warn parents. No child has ever figured out how to remove the device – and the strong spring would be too much for children to compress if they did locate the hidden buttons. Trained adults can remove the block in 2 seconds, quietly and in the dark, giving them more precious seconds in an emergency. With ChildSafe1 everyone is safer and has greater peace of mind.


Double Alarm System - motion sensor alam & trigger block removal alarm
Designed to disassemble in 3 seconds or less
Theft Deterrent
Fits most firearms
Designed for 365 days of battery life
Child deterrent - 2-12 years of age

Childsafe1 Gun Trigger Block w/dual Alarm
Operation Guide

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